Custom Restaurant Patio and Sidewalk Cafe Planters and Fixtures

Custom restaurant patio and sidewalk cafe planters are an marketing strategy that builds your brand while cooling the earth.

Custom restaurant patio and sidewalk cafe planters and fixture are an operating and marketing strategy that builds your brand while cooling the earth.

It is critical that with a quick glance by your potential customers, they receive a marketing message consistent with your commitment to a quality experience in dining and ambiance. The exterior of your restaurant and the visible restaurant patio and sidewalk cafe fixtures gives that first impression.

Large Rectangular Wood Sidewalk Cafe Planter

DeepStream designs and manufactures top quality custom planters, bins, waiters stations, and valet parking stands that are perfect to meet the needs of restaurants in delineating an exterior space to the same exacting standard as the interior of your establishment.

Our Custom Restaurant Patio and Sidewalk Cafe Planters and Fixtures are engineered custom planters, are designed and constructed using the principles of  Sustainable Design, backed by a Lifetime Structural Warranty along with a unique Core Replacement Program, will help you maintain our products for decades.  This   is especially important for businesses  in an urban environment where you cannot afford the time, money, disruption, mess, damage, and inconvenience required to replace carpenter-built wood planters again and again as they tear themselves apart in just a few years. 

Click here to see the reasons why DeepStream designs and builds it’s wood planters using it’s proprietary marine anodized aluminum leg extrusions to give you the lowest cost of ownership over time while minimizing environmental impact.  

sidewalk cafe fixture Large Rectangular Wood Planters with glass windbreaks provide comfortable year-round seating at this busy commuter rail station Wine Bar-Bistro

Custom Wood Garden Planters are available as both stand-alone planters and money-saving multi-section planters in natural 3/4″ thick tongue-and groove solid tropical wood and recycled plastic lumber, with and without DeepStream’s exclusive Zephyr aluminum bands between the planks. DeepStream’s proprietary aluminum leg extrusion allows the addition of trellises, glass windbreaks and other forms of screening.

Large Rectangular Wood restaurant patio planters with glass windbreak
Deepstream’s Trademark Mariner wood planter leg
Large Wood Planter glass windbreak
Large Wood Planter glass windbreak

When space is at a premium, DeepStream’s Custom Restaurant Patio and Sidewalk Cafe Planters and Fixtures tailor planters to your need and are available as narrow as 12″ and 18″ wide with a separate plastic liner insert with state-of-the-art drainage inside an outer box façade to ensure maximum durability as the planting medium never touches the wood and the harshest sun does not bake the root ball which causes unsightly plantings.

narrow cafe planter liner
DeepStream Designs stock plastic garden planter liner

DeepStream can supply a large range of plastic planter liner sizes

Large Square Wood Planter with Plastic Liner for Trees

DeepStream’s custom wood planters are an investment in the appearance of your property, and also in sustainable design, so we sell our wood planters direct to customers, eliminating the distributor markup.  This allows us to use the best materials and American craftsmanship which, combined with our plastic liner-inside-a-planter-box design, means that our planters will last for generations, providing the lowest cost of ownership over time while lowering the impact on the earth’s resources.  Every planter sold by DeepStream generates 50 trees planted in return by the non-profit Trees For the Future.

Long, lightweight, wood multi-section planters are ideal for roof decks
Large Rectangular Wood Planter
Sidewalk Cafe Planters

Companion Custom Restaurant Patio and Sidewalk Cafe Planters and Fixtures include the OPUS and Oahu trash and recycling bins can be made from various materials and mounted with Smoker’s Outpost as shown. Oahu bins have a side-opening door for easy access to the rugged 33-gallon plastic bin inside. The door can be mounted on either side and open to the front or back.

Outdoor Wood Trash Receptacle with Smoker’s Outpost

The push flap is solid 5086 Aluminum which can be quickly and easily refinished in place.  The plates swivel noiselessly on replaceable Teflon bushings. Hygienic copper push plates are also available.

Large Wood Garden Planters, Trash and Recycling Bins for Restaurants

All DeepStream bins are made with 100% replaceable parts available through our unique Core Replacement Program.  As with all of DeepStream products, at the end of its useful life, all components are recyclable.

Robust construction techniques are used to create custom Valet Stands, from the simple to the complex.

Custom Valet Stand
Custom Valet Stand

We urge you to consider making a strong environmental statement, while reducing your maintenance costs, by specifying one of our 5 stock colors of 100% Recycled Plastic Lumber (RPL). RPL is recycled HDPE (high-density polyethylene) from milk jugs and other polyethylene packaging that would normally be destined for landfills. RPL uses no energy or materials to maintain and never needs to be painted or stained.  It will not rot, splinter or split. Ultra-violet stabilizers are added to the lumber so colors will look as vibrant decades from now as they do today.  DeepStream’s test of custom planters are going on 10 years in the Miami sun and look like new.

Wood and Recycled Plastic Lumber Planters