Restaurant Planters with Signage

Don’t confuse these commercial Wood Restaurant Planters your see below with carpenter-built boxes that will fall apart in 3-5 years.

DeepStream’s natural wood, or better yet, 5th generation recycled plastic lumber, Restaurant Planters are a complete engineered 3-part planter system with replaceable parts, liner and Lifetime Structural Warranty:

  • Anodized extruded aluminum legs, with no paint or powder coating to fail, are engineered to eliminate fasteners and contain the tremendous expansionary forces of wood as it cycles through countless wet and dry cycles. The legs support the hidden structural aircraft aluminum frame and are isolated from surfaces by replaceable HDPE plastic feet.
  • A separate planter box with an almost unlimited choice of panel materials, including ever-popular tropical hardwood and maintenance-free recycled plastic lumber. The planter box provides an air gap between it and the liner, which prevents solar gain from heating the root ball and hides drip irrigation and drainage systems.
  • Rugged waterproof, food-safe, UV-resistant, 100% recycled LLDPE plastic rotomolded planter liners with advanced drainage and threaded drain ports.

DeepStream’s Restaurant Planters with wooden, or maintenance-free recycled plastic, boxes are engineered with trademarked marine-anodized aluminum legs creating a hidden structural aluminum frame that supports a waterproof liner with advanced drainage. This unique frame is designed to mount accessories like the screen wall inserts, casters, trellises, gates, lighting, and screen wall for windbreaks, privacy, or security while hiding drip irrigation and drainage systems and wiring for lights or enclosing stereo speakers.

Restaurant Planters and cafe barriers with custom logo insert screen wall, cafe barriers.
No maintenance Restaurant Planters custom logo insert screen wall and liners with advanced drainage make great sidewalk cafe barriers. Lifetime structural warranty.
No Paint or powder coating to fail so they may be pressure washed. Planter box construction with internal aluminum frame to support waterproof liner and hide drip irrigation, lights, and speakers.
Restaurant Planters and cafe barriers with custom logo insert screen wall
Restaurant Planters custom logo insert screen wall and liners with advanced drainage, make perfect sidewalk cafe barriers. Lifetime structural warranty. Internal, tough, roto-molded, food safe LLDPE, no-leak liners with advanced drainage.

DeepStream Designs, Inc. For over 15 years DeepStream Designs has been hand crafting aesthetically pleasing weatherproof designs here in the United States for homeowners, Landscape Architects, and contractors. Our products minimize environmental impact through timeless design, material selection, and rugged construction using the principles of Sustainable Design while also providing the lowest lifetime cost to our customers. The products we build are backed by a Lifetime-Structural-Warranty, all parts replaceable and recyclable. Purchases support the non-profit Trees for the Future.

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