Modular planters make custom easy

DeepStream Design’s modular planter design means that any aspect of the planter can be customized for any location.  Whether it is material or size, almost any special need can be accommodated.

DeepStream Designs modular planters means that any aspect of the planter can be customized for any location.

Whether it’s material or size, almost any special need can be accommodated.  Installation in even the most difficult locations can be accomplished without cranes or lots of expensive labor.  Sections assemble in 10 minutes or less once placed in location.

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Large Custom Prefabricated Garden Planter Assembly is quick and easy, about 10-15 minutes per section, using a #3 screwdriver
DeepStream Design’s cost effective prefabricated modular 31″ tall 4 section Ipe wood planter with plastic liners backed with a Lifetime-Structural-Warranty
eepStream’s multi-section prefabricated modular wood garden planter with a wood screen wall.

Modular planter design means that Standard waterproof outdoor speakers can be hidden under a standard planter liner in a planter with 31″ high legs at moderate cost.

Some installations call for more. Here are pictures of one such set of custom planters, part of a larger custom project, where the Designer needed special 12” subwoofers hidden in the planter.  Using a longer extrusion, for a higher leg, we were able to place the large subwoofer in a custom enclosure under the planter liner.

Custom wood aluminum planter houses a stereo speaker
Garden planter stereo speaker showing supports for waterproof liner
Planter stereo speaker enclosure with drain, speaker is under the liner

Looking down into planter liner with drain that lines up with port through the speaker, drain hose and top caps to be mounted on site are inside, foot caps temporarily caping legs during final assembly

We started with the specifications from the speaker company regarding the optimum volume and material for the speaker box required for the best sound quality.  Using a special waterproof weather resistant material that met the speaker company’s resonance specifications, we built a waterproof custom speaker box to fit inside the modular planter that would retain the exact optimum interior volume after we added the necessary waterproof pass-through ports for drain and drip irrigation lines.

Custom outdoor speaker enclosure

The height of the modular planter is the result of the critical footprint dimension specified by the Landscape Architect and Interior Designer.  Their design called for the planter to sit exactly on top of a specific paver size that would have a conduit for hidden power and speaker cables ported through a hole in its center.  With our custom capabilities we were able to give them the exact installation they needed for both the speaker and the liner, with the necessary drainage and root depth that the specified planting called for.

While we usually outsource custom planter liners, in this case we built liners in house. Using sophisticated composite technology from the yachting industry, we were able to ensure that there would be absolutely no give to the liners inside the modular planter and that they would be waterproof for a century, even if a careless landscaper used a shovel to dig out the plants at some point in the future.

Custom outdoor speaker enclosure liner