Environmental Stewardship

Planters help reduce global warming by providing more environments for plants to absorb carbon and release oxygen while reducing both water usage and the solar gain that heats building walls, roofs, and surrounding pavement.

Sea levels continue to rise faster than predicted just a few years ago making environmental stewardship important to coastal communities.

DeepStream Designs has created a full range of sustainably designed garden plantersgreen wall grids, hanging planters,  and site amenities like recycling receptacles and benches made with recycled plastic lumber to make environmental stewardship easy.

DeepStream’s commercial wood Mariner planter system with a hidden aluminum frame, advanced drainage, and Lifetime Structural Warranty

Planters help reduce global warming by providing more environments for plants to absorb carbon and release oxygen while reducing both water usage and the solar gain that heats building walls, roofs, and surrounding pavement.

DeepStream’s Modern Audubon Slate Planter with Trellis act as a privacy screen on a Miami roof deck.

Plants significantly reduce the energy needed to cool buildings. This is a virtuous cycle of environmental stewardship that reduces the fossil fuels used in electricity generation used to provide artificial cooling to the same buildings.

According to the American Institute of Architects (AIA), buildings are the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. According to estimates in the AIA’s Architects and Climate Change report, buildings represent 48 percent of carbon dioxide emissions, with transportation and industry representing 27 percent and 25 percent respectively.

Rooftop planters shade a building in Miami preventing it from adding to the urban heat island. Roof gardens clan the air, reduce carbon and energy usage, all are essential ingredients of environmental stewardship.

Estimates in the AIA’s Architects and Climate Change report, are that buildings represent 48 percent of carbon dioxide emissions, with transportation and industry representing 27 percent and 25 percent respectively.

Environmental Stewardship can be as low tech as railing mounted planter box on parking garage walls

While science deniers argue global change is normal state and that there is no proof of human impact on climate change, that it is just a normal process humans have no impact on, an overwhelming number of scientists and even industrial leaders and nations disagree.

Climate change may have normal cycles, but there is nothing historically normal about the human population explosion and the impact that their energy consumption and pollution has on the earth’s bio systems.  Many people believe that the individual CAN make a difference.  However, working in conjunction with Architects we could do a lot more.

DeepStream Wood Garden Planter with Trellis as a privacy screen

Not only do high concentrations of people in mega-buildings concentrate greenhouse gas, but building these high-density buildings also increases the surface area on, if not of, the earth that can absorb heat. 

It is not just office towers; residential condo towers are creating increasingly dense urban and coastal areas that contribute to the formation of “heat islands” and global warming by adding heat-retaining surface area.   Any city resident knows that it is often 10 degrees warmer in the city than the suburbs or rural areas around them.

Green Wall Planters provide oxygen, sequester carbon, and cool cities. Tournesol green wall available through DeepStream.

 The Green Roof movement is great, but the ratio of wall to roof area is much greater on high-rise buildings.  If Architects designed balconies with drainage and water spigots built into their clients’ high-rise buildings, it would allow residents and offices to help offset their impact to a far greater degree both in terms of cooling and exchanging oxygen for carbon and absorbing other pollutants.

Green Wall Garden Planter cools the building while cleaning the air and giving off oxygen

Successful landscaping and gardening on balconies and rooftops, especially of condo towers, has many challenges that residents with terrestrial gardens in homes don’t share, especially if the building Architect is not on the same page. 

DeepStream Designs has created a planter system specifically to address all these issues today and make them easy to incorporate even with out architectural help:

Balcony and rooftop gardening, on any scale, is not only fun and beautiful but it really does help offset the greenhouse gas emissions and helps in cooling these heat island and saves on your electric bills. Environmental stewardship is a worthy endeavor within the grasp of individuals using low tech, renewable resources.

A large installation of Custom Welded Waterproof Planter Liners on a roof top are compartmentalized to isolate drainage problems. Drip irrigation lines are inserted through the top of liner walls below soil level.
Waterproof liners with advanced drainage and automatic drip irrigation make commercial roof top “farm-to-table” gardens possible.

When planters, fixtures and site amenities are constructed with recycled plastic lumber it helps the environment in 2 major ways:

  • They create a sustainable market for recycled plastic.
  • The replace the use of rot resistant tropical hardwood helping to eliminate the destruction of the World’s Tropical Rainforests, preserving many reliant species, and the ability to act as the lungs of the earth, cooling the world and providing clean oxygenated air.
Large recycled plastic planters at Fenway Park create a farm-to- table environment where you can watch your salad grow
Taking farm-to-table to its ultimate expression DeepStream recycled plastic lumber planters with advanced drainage and drip irrigation at Fenway Park Strega Deck

For more information about the urban farming program shown here in Boston at Fenway park just follow this link: Container Garden Fenway Park’s Home Run

DeepStream’s ergonomic, weatherproof, maintenance free, recycled plastic lumber Perfect Bench. Anodized aluminum and 316-stainless steel, no rust and no paint or powder coating to fail.

If you have any questions, or there is anything DeepStream’s dedicated American craftspeople can design and build for you using Recycled Plastic Lumber, check out the DeepStream Website or contact us to discuss your project.

Modern Recycled Plastic Lumber Commercial Combination Trash and Recycling Receptacle

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