Restaurant planter windbreaks

Wood planters with glass screen wall windbreaks create an inviting atmosphere for customers at your cozy sidewalk cafe or restaurant patio.

Restaurant planter windbreaks create an inviting atmosphere for customers at your sidewalk cafe or restaurant patio.

DeepStream makes many high quality fixtures to complement restaurant planters with windbreaks. These include trash and recycling bins, valet stands, point-of sale enclosures, waiter and bussing stations are also available.

DeepStream Commercial restaurant planter with glass screen wall windbreaks create a fine dining experience adding social distancing space together on a civic plaza

DeepStream Designs’ American craftsmen hand build your custom restaurant planters with glass windbreaks and restaurant fixtures to meet your specific needs.  Custom restaurant fixtures, not custom prices, there is never a design fee or upcharge.

Whether you are creating a sidewalk cafe on a busy street, or quiet courtyard space, DeepStream knows it is critical that your potential customer receive an inviting visual message from the space created by our Restaurant Planters.  The hand crafted quality of these planters outside your business display your commitment to a quality dining experience in store for them inside or out.

Movable Commercial Wooden Ipe restaurant planters with glass screen wall windbreak

Planters overflowing with flowering plants, not only welcome your existing customers, they offer a compelling invitation to new customer.  Restaurant  planters with windbreaks not only extend your outdoor seating seasons they also reduce street noise in urban settings.

Engineered using the principle of sustainable design DeepStreams’ restaurant fixtures stand the test of time and are backed with a Lifetime Structural Warranty. All parts are replaceable so should something be damaged you can replace the part at manufactures direct cost through DeepStreams’ unique Core Replacement Program.

DeepStream’s Commercial Wood Restaurant Planter anchor glass screen wall to creates a windbreak, attract customers, controls access, while providing additional social distancing space together, quieting noise and extending the outdoor season.

There are many options availble to meet your needs. One popular option is recycled plastic lumber which requires no maintenance. Another option, casters, allow even large fixtures to be repositioned to serve customers or create attractive access control points and intimate spaces for wedding and other special events.  Lightweight gates are available to meet Life Safety requirements.

Custom Restaurant Fixtures exterior grade cabinetry with drawers and shelves, and large planters on casters create an upscale outdoor dining experiences even in a parking lot.
Custom Restaurant Fixtures, exterior grade cabinetry with drawers, along with a combination trash and recycling receptacle, set the tone for this high end restaurant’s outdoor dining space.
DeepStream movable commercial planter walls create a upscale outdoor tropical restaurant and DeepStream’s custom recycling and trash receptacle

Weatherproof outdoor restaurant fixtures can help set the overall quality presentation of your outdoor dining experience to match your dedication to your food and interior ambiance.

Food Service Carts, Garden Planters, Trash and Recycling Bins for Restaurants

For more information about why DeepStreams’ quality product and why they will last for decades instead of falling apart in a couple of years like carpenter built wood planters click here.

DeepStream’s Commercial Planter anchored Aluminum Screen Wall Enclosure adds an instant smoking section for this restaurant.

For more information on custom restaurant planters and fixtures without custom design fees Click Here.