Top 11 Commercial Wood Planters (2020)

See the top commercial planters Installation for 2020.

The Top 7 Commercial Wood Planters for 2020 provide the lowest cost of ownership over time and the lowest impact on planet Earth.

These prefabricated modular commercial wood planters from DeepStream Designs do not rely on carpenter built wood on wood construction that will fail in 3 – 5 years. They are built using marine anodized aircraft aluminum legs and frame and carry a Lifetime-Structural-Warranty. Anodizing the aluminum legs means there is no paint or powder coating to fail.

Classic Mariner stand alone commercial wood planters create an upscale sidewalk cafe in Miami and are easy to reconfigure as required.

Commercial fiberglass planters are only guaranteed for 1 – 3 years, depending on the company. Fiberglass planters split when the root ball grows out and cracks the rigid fiberglass, or water freezes inside. Fiberglass does not stop the rootball from overheating when the single outer skin heats up to 130-140 degrees in 90 degree air temperature due to solar gain, steaming the root ball.

42 inch high tall commercial wood planters, in maintenance free recycled plastic lumber, feature casters for mobility, allowing privacy between massage tables on the pool terrace of a Waikiki waterfront hotel.

Cast in place concrete planters above grade will crack as buildings settle over time and then leak, creating structural issues such as spalling which are very expensive and disruptive to correct. External commercial planters eliminate those expenses from the beginning.

Large square Commercial Wood Planters use maintenance free recycled plastic lumber inside thier aluminum frames to hold rugged liners planted with trees in the forest clearing of the Longhouse Reserve in the Hamptons.

While some of the commercial wood planters highlighted in this blog are built of real tropical hardwood, many are built using no maintenance recycled plastic lumber which preserves tropical rainforests and recycles the HDPE plastic used in milk jugs.

All DeepStream planters come with a rugged leakproof recycled plastic liner with advanced drainage. The liner within the planter box design also hides drip irrigation lines and optional casters.

DeepStream rugged waterproof recycled HDPE food safe plastic liners with advanced drainage and easy to replant tapered design.

The custom nature of DeepStream’s commercial planters built by American craftsmen mean that they are available in the exact sizes and configuration your projects need, in a short time frame, and there is never a design fee.

Large multi-section prefabricated modular commercial wood planters with their aluminum frame anchor the integrated screen wall, without penetrating the existing roof membrane, to create a dog park on an urban apartment roof deck.

Even complex prefabricated modular commercial planters from DeepStream, such as the roof deck dog park enclosure shown in the photos above and below, set up quickly with unskilled labor using photographic assembly directions for your specific planters and require no additional tools. All planters are completely assembled at our factory and then broken down into easily assembled units for cost effective shipping.

Large multi-section prefabricated modular commercial wood planters with their aluminum frame anchor glass and wood screen wall and gates, without roof penetrations, creating the tenants’ favorite amenity, a dog park on the roof deck.

Since every piece is created to within .001″ accuracy, all parts are replaceable, with digital blueprints kept by DeepStream. Damaged pieces are easily replaced, and they may also be reconfigured with alternate connection pieces if needs change over time.

Large modular prefabricated custom commercial wood planters on the roof terrace of a commercial building in Boston create outdoor dining and lounging spaces for tenants.

Repeatability and replacement parts are important to project owners, general contractors, and building management when as-built dimensions that differ from plans cause conflict. DeepStream can make changes overnight and have replacement pieces available the next day, no need to delay that certificate of occupancy.

Modular custom commercial wood planters on the roof terrace of a commercial building in Boston create an outdoor dining space for tenants.

The modular nature of DeepStream’s commercial wood planters, with their aluminum frame and independent, rugged planter liners, mean that no extra materials need to be brought up onto the roof decks of high rise buildings, and there will be no construction mess blowing around to clean up and remove later.

Midtown Manhattan. The differential height aluminum frame of these commercial wood planters creates a privacy screen wall and supports an integrated trellis.

Even the largest planter installations do not need cranes; they can be brought up on elevators or even stairwells with day labor. This is important as planters are often the last items installed into finished spaces. Smaller planter liners may even be pre-planted.

Commercial Wood Planters, with rugged recycled plastic waterproof liners, on the roof deck of a Chicago restaurant create green dining and lounging areas with an herb garden for the kitchen.

DeepStream’s self contained commercial planter systems hide drip irrigation, drainage, and even lighting, making it easy and almost instantaneous for you to provide a neat and clean installation for commercial and restaurant spaces above grade.

Ultimately customizable, DeepStream’s commercial wood planters, shown below in white recycled plastic lumber, are a designer’s dream and are an easy answer to complex design challenges.

Commercial Wood Planters, made with white recycled plastic lumber, anchor a low key glass security screen wall around the dining area at the Bob Hope USO under the iconic space age Theme Building at Los Angeles International Airport.

When the designers responsible for the restoration and repurposing of the Bob Hope USO facility, photo above, under the iconic space age central hub at the Los Angeles International Airport needed an equally modern, yet low key, security perimeter, they looked to DeepStream’s commercial wood planters to anchor special clear screen wall panels and integrate an alarmed stainless steel emergency exit seamlessly.

Stand alone individual Commercial Wood Planters anchor glass screen wall to create a warm, inviting, upscale outdoor dining area in the windy, foggy San Francisco Bay area by creating a windbreak and providing a mounting location for lighting.

Restaurants, club houses, commercial and private roof decks, golf clubs, hotel pools, and waterparks all have a unique need for beautiful low-key access control that can be easily met using DeepStream’s set-and-forget commercial wood planters that also reduce their maintenance and long-term capital budgets for the lowest cost of ownership over time.

Modular multi-section commercial wood planters, in maintenance free recycled plastic lumber, create a lounging area at a Florida resort clubhouse.

DeepStream’s commercial wood planters constructed with recycled plastic lumber reduce the need to cut down trees from tropical rainforests AND for each planter, or planter section, purchased, DeepStream plants 50 trees in our customers’ honor through Trees For the Future.

Trees for the Future,, is a fantastic non-governmental environmental program that will issue a certificate to our customers detailing the forest that you have planted to give more back to the earth than you have taken. This is a very meaningful contribution that should be a serious consideration when making a purchase, and it may be used in your internal and external marketing programs to let your employees and customers know that you are working towards a better future for the world by sequestering carbon, producing oxygen, and cooling the earth.