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Large lightweight garden planters for roof gardens and balconies

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Lightweight and cost-effective, multi-section garden planters by DeepStream Designs can help integrate green rooftop and balcony landscaping into more projects.


Reducing the weight of structural components allow for more plants and planting medium.  The structural integrity of DeepStream’s planters are guaranteed to last for decades and the marine finishes keep them looking great.



DeepStream has two systems of proprietary lightweight aircraft aluminum extrusions to provide structural frames for wood or recycled plastic lumber that will last for decades.




This modular system allows for long straight runs of unlimited length, accommodates right-angle corners, and can include gates, trellises, privacy walls, railings, large panels, or any combinations of features.



Designed with modern architectural lines, these modular planters are available in standard 21”, 31” & 42” heights, with economical custom options available.



Engineered to last for decades, DeepStream’s lightweight garden planter systems use separate internal liners and filter packs that prevent drain blockage.





The liner-within-a-planter design not only provides a crucial thermal break to prevent root ball stress, but they also facilitate hiding irrigation, drainage, and lighting infrastructure





Planters are quickly assembled on site by even inexperienced sub-contractors using just a screwdriver.  Landscape contractors can pre-plant liners to speed installation while reducing labor, cartage, and clean-up.




Each project has custom assembly instructions using keyed versions of your drawings and photos of your actual planters taken during test assembly at our manufacturing facility.


Your project is manufactured, erected, labeled, disassembled, bundled, and crated to allow for cost-effective delivery to even the hardest to reach construction sites.