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A few examples of the materials we can create planters from.  We can work with any marble, granite or other stone, or any other 1/2 material that is appropriate for your indoor or outdoor use.


Planters - Garden Planter Rooftop Planter Balcony planter - 3Form resin planter marble planter slate planter

Right to Left: Audubon Standard 36" Bear Grass in Resin (73 lbs.), Audubon Shallow 42" Planter in Green Marble (62 lbs.),
Audubon Standard 42" in Vijaya Gold Slate (58 lbs.)

Planters Copper Swatch
3Form Bear Grass Lite Green Marble Vijaya Gold Slate Sanded Copper
(16 oz copper sheet)
Aged Copper
(16 oz copper sheet)

(Click on color swatch for larger view)


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